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What else do we offer

Space makers not only offer exceptional design and renovation services but other important amenities as well. When we say that we build your home like our own, we mean it. Here are some of the other basic services that we provide.

Masonry Installation Services


Masonry Work:

For those who are in love with the age-old brick wall look to add a royal opulence to their houses, we provide all the masonry work related to interior and exterior designs to make the house of your dream. A brick wall gives your house a special vintage effect. Our competent team is well able to create whatever our client requires.



Electrical Work:

Electrical work is a major part of interior designing. But if not done in coordination it may lead to various obstacles shortly. We make sure that our team is well coordinated with our designers to give you the best results. electrical work from minor to major is well distributed throughout the house according to the fittings without much hassle. 

Image by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu
Carpentry Work


Carpentry Work:

Every house owner wants to see their house in its full glory. But this may not be possible without taking notice of the little things that make a major difference. Carpentry is one of them. Our carpenters know just the right woodwork that will take your house up a notch.



Painting and Polish Work:

However you imagined your dream house to be, we have just the right team for you. From having the correct precision to choosing aesthetically pleasing colors, a team of professionals will be at your side to give you exactly what you imagined.

Image by David Pisnoy
Painting and Polish
Image by Valentin Petkov


Plumbing Work:

Plumbing work may not be there on the forefront when it comes to house designing but it is one of the imperative aspects of a perfect house. We make sure that all the water pipes, hoses, and lines are well distributed and connected to the design so that our clients are not faced with any challenges.

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